Zaenab, Ashari R, Nurmin
Health Polytechnic of Ministry of Health in Makassar, Indonesia

Agriculture is one of the most important areas. However agricultural life is closely related to the use of pesticides that can cause health problems. To minimize health problems is one effort that can be done with the use of a complete Protective Tools. The type of research used is an analytical survey with Cross Sectional approach with the population of rice farmers in Tonrong Rijang Village Baranti Subdistrict Sidenreng Rappang Regency as many as 334 HH with sample 67 HH. Determination of the number of samples in this study was determined by using Cluster method and data retrieval was done using Random Sampling Method. Data processing is done by using Chi Square test with SPSS 25, Microsoft excel, and Microsoft word. The results of this study explain that farmers with high knowledge level of 44 people (66%), who have high Protective toolsusage as many as 21 people (31%) and who have the use of PPE while as many as 23
people (34%). Farmers with a moderate level of knowledge of 23 people (34%), who had high Protective toolsusage of 7 people (11%) and those with PPE were 16 (24%). Farmers who have a high attitude (good) as many as 55 people (82%) who use high Protective toolsas many as 21 people (31%), while those using PPE were as many as 34 people (51%). Farmers who have moderate attitude (less good) as many as 12 people (18%) who use high Protective toolsas many as 7 people (10%) and who use PPE while as many as 5 people (8%). Based on result of chi square test that obtained is p value 0,173 (p value> 0,05) on knowledge and p value 0,2 (p value> 0,05) at attitude. So it can be concluded that there is no relationship between behavior with the use of personal protective equipment on pesticide user farmers in Tonrong Rijang Village Baranti Sub-District Sidenreng Rappang.
Keywords: Farmer, Personal Protective Equipment, Knowledge, Attitude

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